See you on board!

On 30 April 2022, boat "Sarnikau" will set sail on its maiden voyage in Carnikava! Its scenic route winds from the pier (parking area) at the end of Laivu Street through Vecgauja, Gauja and all the way to the mouth of the Gauja and back, with the additional possibility of disembarking both at the mouth of the sea and at the Carnikava Regional Research Centre.

Gauja is the longest river in Latvia (452 km). It begins its journey in the Vidzeme Highlands and ends where it meets the sea in Carnikava.

The beautiful journey onboard the cosy boat will allow you to observe the natural appearance of the rivers, and the Gauja estuary is an excellent place to experience the interaction between the river and the sea.

On request, you can also listen to a local guide talk about the interaction between the history of the Carnikava Region and modern-day era in Latvian, English, Russian or German.

At the same time, a specially designed recreational raft "Koivemundi" will be unveiled at Carnikava pier, which will be available for family, friends and corporate recreational events on the water. The raft will be specially equipped with a sauna, hot tub, two SUP boards and boats that can be used right from the sauna deck, as well as a barbecue, music system and comfortable lounge furniture, making relaxing on the water an exciting and unforgettable experience.

During the holiday, you can go rafting on the Gauja River and the seashore.